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Entry #2

Close call...

2008-09-30 17:34:30 by DjOverdose

Ok, so my first song finally posted after 12 days of waiting approval.

I was almost there. I had gotten my sharpest hunting knife out of the closet, and had already ran the warm water that filled the tub. I had already set out the note blaming the entire situation on the 'slow as Hell' admission process of I was sitting in the tub(fully clothed), knife open, slowly drawing the sharp blade down towards my trembling wrist on the left arm. It Must have been like .23 inches from the skin, when suddenly something that felt a lot like a psychic calling, or some silly shit like that came to me. "My spider sense is tingling!" I thought. So with the last ounce of energy i was willing to put forth for my survival, I checked the Audio Portal once more. To my elated surprise, my song had posted!

I am a happy camper now, and can continue making music to hopefully entertain the great audience that is Newgrounds. Thanks for your understanding. The only person who seems to be upset now is my wife who was already on the phone with the insurance company, filing the claim. Ha ha, that shit on her parade...

Thanks for reading.


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2008-10-03 22:10:34

That's a touching story dude lol