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Nice disclaimer

Telling someone not to rate a flash video based on the animation is like a hunter refusing to take responsibility for missing his target and shooting someone. The comedy was lacking, about as badly as the animation. Try mimicing events from your life that were really strange or funny. You should also really consider using voices instead of blaring boring generic foreign techno songs. Keep working on it, but scrap this whole idea with the pickle jar.

hypersonicx123 responds:

well thanks and don't worry i've got a WHOLE book of comics i made for ideas lucky eh? and most of them are life experiences! but i'm gonna start voicing them and remember this idea isn't entirely mine it's also about my friends to

Lots of room for improvement

your animation was smooth
good choice of music
Screen was tiny
presentation was boring
lack of imagination

try coming up with characters, and a storyline. Noone wants to see your first experiment with a flash animation if it has nothing interesting to offer. Sit down and think about something that would make a cool little story or a funny joke, and bring it to life. Keep trying and you will succeed.

xedon responds:

I didnt mean the screen to be that tiny but oh well's.
I am thinking about sorys and joke's :p

Greatest thing since since R and L buttons...

I watch this one at least once per day. My wife and I recite the whole thing (which we are getting better at). Your work is amazing, and so full of charms that I can't begin to describe how "awesome" it makes me feel. Keep up the good work.


Pretty cool. I like the style of it, wish there was more to it, though. Keep bringing more and keep the badass music scores coming too.

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